How to choose business name?

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It can be difficult and time-consuming to find a name for your business when you launch a new business.

Any small company owners feel stuck and cannot start to write a business plan until they decide on a name.

Here are proven tips for how to choose business name for your new company: Consider if you want to convey to your company name.

Your name is an integral part of the brand identity of your company

Your company logo and business card name, letterhead, website, advertising material, merchandise, and almost all printing materials, will be displayed in order to recognise the products or services of your business or your company.

Businesses who offer a service should ask whether the recognition of services the company offers depending on the name of the company is simple for potential customers (example: Friendly Dog Walkers or Bright Accounting).

Brainstorm to assess naming options.

If you realize what your company name is to convey, you should spend some time brainstorming about your new company’s titles. Think of the industry’s terms or the products/services you sell. Think of terms that explain the gaps between your rivals and your goods and services and your competitors. Consider terms describing the advantages of using your services or goods. Finally, think of terms that elicit your consumers’ emotions when they see the name of your business.

Here is a helpful guide to various sectors such as trade show names (and many others, including restaurant name ideas, consulting business name ideas, photography business name ideas, and much more). See translations of your vocabulary in Greek and Latin

Keep your business name short, quick and easy to write and keep it in mind. Often – take account of the term acronyms.

Consider the names of businesses you respect. Usually they share a few things: brief, plain, quick to write and easy to remember their names. Apple, Tesla, Google, Slack, for example).

Dark names usually find it difficult for the business to develop a company logo design. This is because word-of-mouth advertising is the most effective means of advertisement for most start-ups and small companies. It is impossible for your clients to further promote the enterprise if they cannot recall or spell the name for other persons.

No too narrow or too literal titles.

Consider how the brand can grow over time and how it can develop the company identity with the company.

For eg, your original name would be too limited and restricting, if you name your iPhone Accessory Business and later broaden to offer accessories for other items.

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